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At ShortReminders.com, we solve a fundamental real time problem. Solution for FORGETFULNESS!

Everyone is busy now a days, chasing one or the other, who have time to organize and remember events which needs to be done on time for example, Vaccine to a child, Service of your vehicle, product warranties, payment dues, greeting a spouse / friend on birthday and anniversary, follow up with a friend on money matters.

ShortReminders.com will make your life easier. It is a reminder platform, where you, your family & friends and your service vendors collaborate to exchange life and time saving reminders. [Think Out of Fun]

Imagine..., Your Mom forgets her own birthday, but you say "happy birthday" in the morning, how beautiful it is. You get an alert saying your nephew’s vaccine day is nearing; Call your sister/brother to inform this, think how beautiful the moment is!
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